Since before I moved to Neptune, NJ, my second monitor has been giving me issues. All this time I believed the socket for the power cable was loose since I constantly had to jiggle it so the monitor would stay on. Yesterday morning the monitor wasn't working anymore much to my horror. A second monitor, per Amazon, was a hundred-something dollars. For a minute I wondered if it might just be the cord rather than the socket. Nope.
What happened was I accidentally turned off the monitor while flipping it around.
The fun doesn't stop there.
All this time, the plug hasn't been fully plugged-in. Now it's shoved in there and not about to flicker out again.

I went to the post office to send off two postcards: One to Australia and another to South Korea. When it was my turn at the window, the girl behind it said, "You know these have to be in English."
"The note I wrote on the card has to be in English?"
"No, the address has to be in English."
"It's going to South Korea. They don't have Main Street or Elm Street." I wanted to elaborate that I used Latin characters rather than Hangul but her remark already demonstrated she was a pinhead. She pushed the postcards back at me, "You put the stamps on" which smacked of a microaggression. I put the stamps on, but god only knows if this stultaĉulino was going to ensure they were going out or filed in the trash basket.

Only Americans can be that stupid.

Wednesday was a stressful day and most of it was in my head. Evening plans are to make dinner, get stoned, eat clementines, and go to bed.

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