Here's an example of "spivak's razor", kinda in the vein of my post the other night about whale shit being central to global warming.

I only remember meeting three redheaded women in my life. Edna. Megan, and Monique. The latter two nobody really knows about except Megan and Leah but Monique I met at the Hallowe'en party. Edna's a hot mess with epilepsy, irritable bowel syndrome, and a few other things. Megan has a raft of allergies. She got the Moderna vaccine because it didn't contain anything which would affect her allergies. When I briefly chatted with Monique, she mentioned how she has many different allergies.

Back around 2007 there was buzz that neanderthals mostly had red hair, and how the red hair could've been passed down to Homo sapiens. Neanderthals went extinct. Maybe it was genocide by H. sapiens or it could've been diseases introduced by the invasive humans, or even more interesting concerns neanderthals interbreeding with cro-magnon. While building up, doing, or after the deed there's bound to be kissing. Sharing gut flora. Altering one of the most important parts of the human body which we often take for granted. In the case of my hypothesis let's say that neanderthals were physically powerful but their immune systems left little to be desired.

Let's just say in addition to passing along the red hair gene, they also passed along their weak immune system gene. If a pureblood neanderthal was poofed into the 21st century, they'd probably drop dead in a day being exposed to weird pathogens. A redhead, on the other hand, while having the key bits to being a neanderthal they have enough H. sapiens in them so they can survive. And even then, they are drawing upon hybrid vigor giving them a good fighting chance.

Getting weirder, neanderthals were supposedly a bit shorter than us. As neanderthals died out from genocide or a pandemic, they were few and far between. Many possibly assuming hermetic lifestyles for social distancing or to avoid forming large groups which would be easier to find and wipe out. Neanderthals became few and far between. Stories from great-great-great-great-grandparents spoke of little people. Those little people went from being 5'7 to 3'2 then barely the size of a human hand. Old stories told between H. sapiens were twisted by an intergenerational game of telephone, reducing the neanderthals in size and shape and personalty. The Good Folk are neanderthals. All the tales of leaving food out overnight or by a workbench drew upon practices where kindly humans helped a nearby neanderthal.

Weird and violent, H. sapiens committed genocide in a way that'd make America's John Chivington, Turkey's Mehmed Talat, Germany's Hitler, Russia's Stalin, and Cambodia's Pol Pot turn green with envy. Neanderthals wiped out to the very last by our forebears.
One interesting thing about Europe is many trees in autumn don't turn red nor orange. They all turn bright yellow. Red and yellow are for North American, and I think Asia. Why wouldn't there be any red or orange autumn leaves in Europe? Ancient H. sapiens after committing their crimes would cut down every tree which did turn red, a symbol that an area was free of neanderthal influence because neanderthals had red hair. And what is yellow but blonde in a hirsuitical context. So basically ancient H. sapiens were symbolically showing their ascendancy by making the trees blonde too.

Such are the thoughts occupying my mind.

Friday night

My sister invited me to her place for dinner. My 7 year old nephew is a handful. I ate then fell asleep on the couch. Woke up with some anxiety. Watched some show about lottery winners buying their dream home while chatting with my sister, came home, wrote while smoking weed. Nu, what can I say?

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