The first part of the dream took place aboard a ship at sea during a storm. Many people were leaning over the railing, her faces covered by hoods while puking into the ocean. My viewpoint was outside and off the ship, but I was unaffected by the weather. I saw Cynthia, my ex-girlfriend from Colorado, among those having trouble keeping her lunch down amidst the storm.

That terribleness subsided and I woke up in another dream, someplace in suburbia. I was riding my bike on a day which was switching between overcast with light rain followed by sunshine breaking through the clouds. My intent was to get somewhere and I took a parking lot behind a shopping center as a short cut. Sadly it was a dead end and to go any further I needed to cut through one of the businesses. The bank seemed to be my best bet, so I dismounted and began walking my bike through their lobby from the rear. The doors to the street were right in front of me, but being a dream I easily lost sight of them much to the amusement of those working in the bank. One kid tried to help, telling me I had to follow him upstairs to reach the outlet. I followed him, went up through a stairwell which stopped after one flight and had a gap between that landing and a door another flight up. That door was already closing, implying the kid was able to make that jump and get out. Again the waking part of my mind was grumbling, "This is never going to get me out. Where I want to go is street-level" so I bounced my bike back down the stairs.
Another bank employee led me downstairs where my eyes lit up, they were running a puppy rescue out of a dingy and seemingly-abandoned basement. Now I no longer cared about leaving nor reaching my destination, it was all about saying hello to this passel of puppies. A black and tan dalmation pup with a pointy noise jumped to say hello, narrowly missing my balls. There was a pair of corgis trotting around along with a roly-poly English bulldog pup. Upon a nearby yellow blanket, to my astonishment, I saw an orca the size of a quarter which made me cry out to draw attention to his bit of strangeness. When the guy in a white button-down shirt came back, the orca had sprouted eight, jointed chitin legs and began crawling around much to my horror. We returned upstairs where the sun was shining through the large glass windows and I could see the exit once again.
Eventually I made it out after turning down offers of employment at their institution, but I kept my eyes firmly shut for some reason. I think I was becoming aware that wakefulness was creeping up on me. I heard my little sister's voice, "Hey, it's me"
"Prove it. What's my middle initial?"
She knew.
"What does it stand for?"
Spot-on answer again and struggled to open my eyes. She's parked in the back parking lot, the hood of her car is open, and there's a bag of rock salt or kitty litter resting on the left side of her engine closest to the windshield. "What is that?"
She shrugged, "I dunno. I guess it's something your nephew did."
Not too much later I woke up.

and so forth...

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