Little thing I forgot to mention while I was going on about John Milton and associated topics. He died on November 8th in 1674. Three hundred forty seven years after he passed away. Just found that to be an interesting coincidence.


I really had to pee and hurried into a public restroom. The stalls were stainless steel and a woman was busy cleaning up the toilet in the big stall. She asked me to wait, which I did, then she left. I proceeded to take a huge piss in the sink. My piss was almost orange and splattered everywhere, sticking to most surfaces. I did feel guilty and tried to mop it up with paper towels, but that's around the time the dream began to fade.

a tangent

There are two things I dislike about public restrooms. Hand dryers do not work, even if one follows the procedure for about a minute. You know, bonk the switch and rub hands together under the warm air for sixty seconds. My hands are still damp and I still have to wipe them off on my pants. Plus there's no way to safely open a bathroom door if there are only hand dryers, unless one wants to cover their hand with a shirt tail. Hand dryers are how the bourgeoisie pretend to be "lit" and "woke" on the environment while saving a handful of pennies.

Number two, hehe, are bathroom doors that open into the bathroom rather than out. This means one has to grab the handle, with a covered hand, to open it. If the bathroom door opened out, one could use an elbow, knee, or foot. Unless the bathroom door has a latch requiring one to touch the handle to leave.


Why didn't the cat like hiding in boxes?
She was claws-trophobic.

Why did the monk leave the order?
He was cloister-phobic.

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