Forgive me father for I have sinned. It has been 37 years since my last confession.

I forgot to update inkubo.org for Sunday and Monday.

In short, Leah flew to Florida on her BFF's dime and I was tapped to take care of the cats in addition to mulching her leaves with the mower. Travelling back and forth wore me out mentally, I began to slide back inside of myself and feel hopeless but returning on Sunday night I wound up talking with my dealer. They were crowing about how they're going to get their driver's license, set boundaries with someone who doesn't want to be vaccinated and got another person to finally get jabbed.

On Monday morning I wound up texting my friend in Bloomfield at the same time they were texting me. Then my friend in South Korea messaged me on Telegram. And my bedroom was pretty darned cold and I remembered, "If you're cold, they're cold."
Leah has me anxious about leaving Kira in the house, so I let Kira out overnight since she appears to have a decent hiding spot. All I could think about was Kira, so I fired up my work computer, banged out my jobs doing everything I could do at home, cashed a check, went to the old house and found Kira on the front steps. She yelled at me and was pretty cranky, yet she permitted me to pick her up and carry her back inside.
After that, I had to run a couple of errands before hanging out at the courthouse in anticipation of my appointment. In the meantime I spoke with my dealer again about a side project on my radar, got some solid advice, then tackled work.

After work I finally made the appointment to get my windshield replaced. A couple months ago while I was driving back from my support group in Mays Landing a rock dinged it and the crack just grew, and grew, and grew. Anyway my windshield's getting replaced on Thursday. Next order of business was contacting my wireless provider and easily had my monthly bill reduced to $60. Turns out I had HBO Max, never used it and never knew I had it and I wouldn't have had any interest anyway, along with nonsense like 15 gigs as a wireless hotspot. Buh-bye.

Needless to say I feel pretty accomplished and empowered.

Before I get stoned on Monday night, I have to finish writing an article for my editor-in-chief at the fortean website. It's due on Tuesday. But first, this calls for Chinese food.

Just hoping that my friend in Bloomfield gets back to me. I texted them to share my good news but it's been a half hour which is making me a little (needlessly?) anxious.

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