For more than a month I've had issues sleeping thanks to serious pain in my arms. I like to sleep on my sides and my arms would go numb and cold during the night, waking me out of a sound sleep. Then I'll spend an hour rolling around trying to find a happy medium where my arms aren't under pressure and I'm comfortable. I've blamed my bed, which is something out of a prison, and being fat, and being old.

Turns out that's not the case. I've been straining my rotator cuffs at work. While title searching I'll heft those deed books above my head, sometimes straight up, then set about flipping them on the copier for copies. Early in the morning I couldn't fall back asleep, fired up my phone in hopes of finding some manner of exercise or treatment.
Thumbing through many articles I figured my arms aren't supposed to be holding those kinds of weights like that on a regular basis. My insecurities make me want to beef up my arms and I believed hefting them like that, sometimes doing reps, was going to be good for me.
The next day I carried all my books normally and when I woke up this morning it wasn't because of pain but my room was too quiet. Apparently not trying to show-off allowed my rotator cuffs to begin mending themselves.

I'm very pleased. Also the gouty big toe on my left foot is no longer gouty, but I'm going to be drinking black bean broth twice a day for a week in hopes of nipping future gout attacks in the bud.

In other news, my windshield will be replaced early this morning. Yay.

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