My windshield is fixed at long last. Had a quick day at work but the jobs were a bitch. Never had to pull so many surrogates files in the past, at least according my drug-addled memory. Afterwards I celebrated with an early dinner at Costco. Mind you if you're going to Costco for the hot dog, pizza, whatnots, enter through the exit and just tell the receipt inspectors, "I'm going to the pharmacy." Hoping I wake up in time to view some of the lunar eclipse. For those of you in North America the partial lunar eclipse will be at its maximum-ness (since it's partial) at 4:02 a.m.

Now I am smoking dope, listening to Sympathy for the Devil by the Rolling Stones, wondering if a letter I wrote for a friend is going to be a paid gig or merely a favor, checking my phone every now and again, and maybe I'll have one or two more E.L. Fudge cookies.

Playing Terraria as well. I just need to craft the gadget with the two bits awarded by the fisherman then I can have a cell phone in-game.

Right now The Ronettes are playing in another window, Be My Baby.

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