On Friday I spoke with Jaybird for the first time in months. I texted him about Stardew Valley but he was driving and couldn't text me back. I phoned him from the diner near the courthouse but we couldn't hear one another. I guess he has the same issues with his phone and bluetooth that mine does, and when he phoned me around 6 p.m. EST he mentioned that I sounded like I was surrounded by geese. When we did talk, Jaybird recommended Stardew Valley as a less-intense version of Terraria to the point of being relaxing.

On Saturday night I was going to go out and I wasn't completely present. I left my room and when the door slammed shut I realized that I didn't bring my keys with me. Fortunately the landlord was nearby and he came home to let me in. No $25 charge for the assist this time, and I made key copies on Sunday.

Also on Sunday I took care of the cats, did a tiny bit of tidying at Leah's place (put a few dishes in the dishwasher, took out the garbage, fed the cats, cleaned up barf, cleaned water bowls that Sha-Sha puked in) but much more, and much-needed, tidying up in my living area. My new backpack for work arrived and my old, torn backpack has been relegated to the garbage can. One thing I discovered is I seem to have misplaced the copy of Paradise Lost which I bought a week or two ago much to my consternation.

Lilah and Marbles took it upon themselves to climb on me and hold me down on the big leather couch. Eventually I succumbed and fell asleep for an early afternoon nap.

I was in a house. I had the impression this house was new, at least to me, and for some reason my biological parents were over. For some time I was adversarial towards them, explaining they're on my property and better honor my rules. The greatest of the rule being "no politics", especially since I learned my biologicals are supporters of the previous regime. I remember I was trying to get my biological father's attention but he wouldn't make eye contact with me. A little later I discovered that I had dogs and one stood out among the rest. This pooch had strikingly white eyes, but they were even more nightmarish since they drooped out of the eye sockets like floppy boobs on an old lady. When not looking, they drooped down upon cheeks but when visual attention was required, they'd retract into typical sphereoids and remain pure white. Very freaky to me.

A small load of laundry was done and I left.

I have a lot on my mind. Thinking about how I need to communicate more and put myself "out there" frequently rather than languishing in solitary confinement. I do have friends. While my geamikaro* may not be as robust and cultivated as Leah's, and it's not fair to compare my stuff with Leah's since she'll never measure up and vice versa, they're my little social garden which needs some care and attention because I also deserve care and attention.

Had a small back-and-forth with Bloomfield and my dealer on Sunday and those small conversations made me feel good.

esperanto time

ge- indicates both sexes together.
amiko is the Esperanto word for friend.
-ar- indicates a collectve or group.

geamikaro means "group of friends from both genders". It's pronounced "gay-amee-KAR-oh". Like German, Esperanto is an aggluginative language.

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