Thanksgiving Eve

Work was quick and easy, like your mom, on Tuesday. Finally had the opportunity to talk with this guy from LinkedIn who found me and said his company is seeking a title searcher. Turns out they'd have me in Camden and Gloucester counties, and sometimes in Salem. The former two are 75 miles away and at a minimum that's a ninety minute commute one-way. For the money they're offering, it's a no-go. Also I doubt they'd foot the bill to get me relocated closer to that area. I declined graciously and he will send me an email to put my details in a hat for when they're hiring closer to my neck of the woods. Basically if it's along the Garden State Parkway South, I'm golden. Even if it means hoofing it all the way down to Cape May county.

The lead up to the call made me a little anxious. Change is always scary, but change isn't always bad. This turned out to be something quite good and, inshallah, I'll find another position as a title searcher or use that to leverage myself with my current employer to receive more money.

In other good news, I found Paradise Lost. It was in my laptop bag. Looked in there a half-hour after I uploaded last night's entry.

Last night's dream felt very familiar in a comforting way. What I do recall from the dream is the appearance of the Polynesian sisters from Usury, Inc. back in Colorado Springs. Both were low-level management and I had a rapport with them. For those who are new to reading, Usury, Inc. is/was an online payday loan company who employed me for seven years. I just recall stumbling into them and saying their names within the dream.

Weather is seasonably cold (at least for me) and the skies are seasonably gray in New Jersey.

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