On Thanksgiving morning I got up the gumption to fire off a flotilla of "Happy Thanksgiving" texts to people who are close to me. Or at least the ones I consider to be close to me. There were replies, people happy to hear from me and sharing the same wishes along with an invite to Thanksgiving dinner. My friend Sarah in south Jersey has had a lot going on, being unable to close on a house for months, and I didn't want to impose on what tends to be a very involved day.

Last Easter Sarah was kind enough to welcome me at the last minute to spend Easter with her and her family. What happened is during the few weeks leading up to Easter, Leah kept snapping at me about how she didn't want me around on Easter and that it was just for her and her family. Unsurprising to me considering the fact whenever we went to one of her family's events, she'd spend all her time with them. Sometimes she'd check on me as a token. But if I was trying to socialize in my own way Leah would raise the volume to redirect attention back at her, or worse I'd get excoriated all the way home about how I was doing everything wrong and somehow I profoundly embarassed her but would be vague about what I did with the implication I had to figure it out for myself and avoid it in the future. Even worse would be silent treatment and silent treatment is why I had enough of Cynthia/raddidge's bullshit. Well I kinda hoped Leah would change her mind, and to her credit she did the day before Easter, but I told her that Sarah welcomed me to her Easter and to share my well wishes with everyone else.
For me this was a Big Deal since I'm not one to invite myself anywhere.

Since it's Thanksgiving, I decided to wear big-boy pants rather than my usual shorts. Being clever I didn't wear a belt but brought one along so I could drive in comfort then put it on when I arrived in Atlantic County.

On my way down I phoned Bloomfield, they were taking the day for themselves, wished Happy Thanksgivings and caught up while I was stuck in traffic. An accident around exit 91 in the left lane backed up cars all the way to my neck of the woods, but after that it was smooth sailing. In fact I arrived a half hour earlier than expected despite the fact I was using Google Maps to navigate.
For some reason, by my perspective, Google Maps always thinks it knows the best route to a destination. My experience is always being forced through dinky side streets and avoiding main thorofares, regardless of the hour of the day, making the trip seem much longer and pointless. Yet, again, I arrived earlier than anticipated. Funny thing is I was banking on Google Maps to make me late.

When Sarah said they had enough food for an army, she wasn't kidding. I overheard that she and her mother were cooking non-stop since Wednesday, and possibly earlier, and it was quite a spread. Most of my time was spent playing with Milo, Sarah's mom's dog who's a basset hound / labrador mix or a 'bassador'. Just sixteen months old, he's a bundle of energy. Fortunately I didn't have to chase him too much, but I had to get him running so he'd tear around the yard with his stuffed alpaca for a couple of minutes. Wearing him out, in addition to taking out the garbage and recycle twice, was my way of contributing to the feast and not freeloading.
Unfortunately it seems being heavy and fifty led to me having a bit of a trick to my right ankle. On the bright side Thanksgiving weekend is a long weekend, affording me the luxury of allowing it to mend in anticpation of next week's work. On the brighter side, my sneakers are quite comfortable and have helped me when I had foot pain in recent months.

This weekend I might see my little sister or go up to Bloomfield.

Summing it all up, I need to lose this being-kicked-to-the-curb weight. Get myself down to the neighborhood of 320 pounds / 145 kg again and continue pushing for 300 pounds / 136 kg. Perhaps more.

unflattering photos of me at thanksgiving

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Here are most of the desserts available at Thanksgiving. Note the white cake in the back is a piecaken where various pies are baked within one another then made into a cake.

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The buffet-style servings of the Thanksgiving feast, and it's not everything. From the left side of the back row to the right, dark meat, mashed potatoes, stuffing, and I have no idea.
From the left side of the front row to the right, white meat, gravy, mixed vegetables, and corn pudding I believe.

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According to Sarah's father, this is a Nepalese stew made with beef and pumpkin and it was quite delicious. The Nepalese use lamb rather than beef.

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I'm the big one with all the hair and the beard getting a ladel of gravy for my plate.

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Sarah took this photo of me asleep on the couch. Later Sarah told me she was tickled I was comfortable enough to fall into such a nap around her family.

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My leftovers from Thanksgiving. They were eaten up before 7 p.m. on African-American Friday.

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