I have plantar fasciitis. Again. It fucking hurts. After the second or third time playing with Milo in Sarah's mother's backyard I realized something happened to my foot but hopefully it won't be awful.

It's awful.

On Sunday morning the pain woke me out of a weed-induced sleep, realized my foot not being braced was exascerbating the situation, and I couldn't easily fall asleep. (Kiam mi tajpigis la antau%265;an aferon, mi pensis la prezencan verbon "redormiĝas.") Limped to take a piss, limped back into my bedroom, tossed and turned a bit, then wound up ordering a night splint off Amazon. Fucker won't be here 'til December 1st at the earliest. Right now I'm keeping my foot flexed and taking naproxen sodium to make the discomfort bearable. My right foot is inflamed compared to my left foot.

Despite the fact my job requires me to be walking around the county clerk's office, I start my day at home where I can medicate and flex the plantar tendon to mitigate the pain. When I went food shopping on Sunday, the pain wasn't bad after the hours of flexing my foot on Advil combined with me wearing shoes with good support. Must remember to take it easy. It's good to have a little backlog of work and once I'm feeling better, getting caught up will be a breeze.

Beyond that, I just spent all my time playing Stardew Valley.

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