So I found an entry meant for Hallowe'en on my site backup, so I'm going to share it today.

Regardless of the drama from a recent entry here at heptapod.org, Saturday was a pleasant day to spend with my wife.
She was out for the first quarter of the day being in Staten Island for a brunch that involved her nieces, focusing on Kaboodle (nickname for her niece?). As you may or may not know, gentle reader, New Jersey was gripped by a rare bout of October winter weather. The Enclave (where I used to live) was spared the white stuff, much to the editorial staff's chagrin, yet still entertained with chilly temps, driving rain and stiff breezes. Once Lee got home she caught up with a popular social networking website and we headed on out to the boardwalk. She grabbed some cheese balls and I enjoyed a double Italian hot dog for lunch. We ended up at Casino Pier where we flushed money down the toilet playing games of chance. She had a challenging game of video poker but we discovered the Wizard of Oz pusher game. It was pleasantly addictive, has a collecting aspect where if you get all 8 character cards you win 30,000 points in tickets among other nonsense.

Our next stop was her parents's place. She needed to pick up booze and pillage their fridge in order to prepare for Mischief Night dinner. My in-laws didn't go to church so Lee ended up shooting the shit with them while filling a bag with brussel sprouts, mushrooms and other things I won't eat. Heard gossip about elementary school teachers, avoided my mother-in-law arguing with my wife and other stuff. Not very interesting and I was ready to leave about ten minutes after our arrival.

Our day was rounded out with food shopping. Let me tell you that our local Shop-Rite has an Asian bar. $4.99 a fucking pound, man. Was treated to a four piece Reese's too. Lee made dinner, I ate mostly rare steaks which were delicious and sampled her mashed potatoes for Sunday.

More Up To Date

I have so much work to do on this site. I need to exercise the focus I used to have rather than having a million different distractions around me (e.g. smartphone, vlc, Discord, Twitter) and making me worse than the mythological goldfish. Instead I reached for the pipe, drank a mango kombucha, and I'm eating chocolate, and smoking, and watching Foundation.

Please forgive, this is a work in progress.

O you who know what we suffer here, do not forget us in your prayers.

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