Last night I crapped out around 7:30 p.m. and didn't wake 'til 10:30 to brush my teeth. I was too tired to write anything. On the bright side, I didn't smoke weed.

I had a minor gout flare on Friday, endured it through the weekend, and it appears my funny walking gave me a case of plantar fasciitis in my right heel. I feel like the little mermaid after she received her legs when I walk. It's not bad but the pain doesn't help my mood. I appear to be on the mend.

At the moment I'm preoccupied with my lack of attention span. Currently I'm blaming smartphones and Twitter for the instant gratification they provide me. God damn dopamine rushes.

On my docket, besides work, is fixing the pages for inkubo.org so they display right, see if there's a way to make it mobile-friendly since I don't believe anyone uses traditional computers anymore. Not to mention setting preferences in BlueFish, the editor I use for writing html, so BlueFish stops doing autocomplete of tags which I find to be annoying. Mind you, the ability for tags to highlight and show when there's an issue with BlueFish is very helpful. Despite the little 88x31 button on the main page, I'm not using Notepad. I'm not even using Gedit even though I've been running GNU/Linux since 2015 or thereabouts. But I need something with a little more utility than Notepad or Gedit are able to provide.

Right now it's Wednesday morning and I'm taking a small break from title searching and I'm just going to relate a brief dream.

I found myself driving downhill somewhere up in north Jersey. Looking around I spy two tornadoes which are sticking entirely to the streets rather than ravaging the dwellings and stores on either side. One tornado is clear, ghostly, and almost ephemeral if it wasn't for the cloud of debris at its tip. The other tornado is made up of three entwined tornadoes and very dark. The three tornado tips are dancing along the ground like tentacles from space trying to find food on Earth.
I drive past a storefront and find three or four orangutans standing outside, waiting to be let inside for shelter from the vortices. Further down I wind up driving through the clear tornado which was a big nothing while its more sinister counterpart is nowhere to be seen.
My dream recall is blurry at this point. I think I want to call someone and tell them about the sights I just saw but I can't find my smartphone anywhere. The fact I'm not able to find my smartphone overwhelms anything else from the remainder of the dream. Eventually I discover my smartphone was in the inside pocket of my bathrobe the whole time and I was wearing the bathrobe all along?

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