Die Farbe, available on Kanopy if you have a liberry card, was a good film and a faithful adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's The Colour Out Of Space. It's not a slavish adaptation, considering it takes place in postbellum Germany, but it hits all the right notes. It's obvious to any Lovecraft fan that the film was produced by Lovecraft fans and it has decent production values. I wondered to myself what Grandpaw Theobald would've thought of the film had he watched this. In a similar vein, I can't

After that I watched an adaptation of H.P. Lovecraft's prose poem Nyarlathotep on YouTube. It's another fine production and I became aware of it ages ago when I saw an article about how the desert scenes were filmed in the The Desert of Maine. Props to the people behind this film mentioning the film's cat in the credits. Watch it for yourself.

I'm not sure if the distortion on the theme music is intentional or an artifact from it being transferred from its previous medium to something more YouTube friendly.

After waiting nearly two years, I finally caught The Many Saints of Newark, a Sopranos prequel telling the story of Dickie Moltesanti who was an influence on Tony Soprano. This is nothing like an episode of The Sopranos and might be disconcerting for those hoping it'd bear a resemblance to the original show. The first half was good but as for the second half... well I was stoned and tried to pay attention to the story which means I have to watch it again.

Per tradition, I hit the supermarket today. Like everywhere else in New Jersey the only supermarket worth a damn is Shop-Rite. Toms River has two but only one is superior on Fischer Boulevard. The other one, up by the Parkway North entrance is a "World Class" Shop Rite which means when you enter the store you're assaulted by awful, awful, awful patriotic music. How awful? Ever hear "Proud To Be An American"? It's like someone with Down Syndrome and autism fancied themselves to be a musician, learned three chords on a guitar and garnered some measure of fame because of the unnecessary post-9/11 patriotism meme sand the unforgivable presidency twixt 2016 and 2020.

I tweeted at Shop-Rite's Twitter account how hearing patriotic music outside of early July is just as obnoxious as hearing Christmas carols in April. They gave me a canned response.

Where I live now, there's yet-another-World-Class Shop-Rite. It's obnoxious to enter and exit thanks to the speakers blaring shitty, shitty, shitty patriotic music.
At least the liquor store doesn't sell Victory Gin.


If there is anything right and good in the world, eventually they'll give up this nonsense and turn off the speakers or at least play what's playing inside the store.

Despite going to bed under the influence, I do remember a little bit of an early morning dream. I'm driving west on Route 37 and I smell something's burning. Moments later my car catches on fire and I scramble out. As I watch the carnage I realize I don't have a smartphone which means I'm fucked and have no one to contact for support. Worse, I realize I can only remember a handful of telephone numbers and I don't even know if those folks could help me. I mean calling my soon-to-be ex-wife is a no-brainer, but it would reveal my exact whereabouts and situation and I'm not ready to share that with her anytime soon. My dealer doesn't like to drive nor do I think they'd be able to really help me except for contacting other people, and my dealer doesn't need that kind of pressure in their life.

Regarding inkubo.org, I have yet to set up the archives for the site because I'm lazy and easily distracted from doing things which please and enrich me. I'll probably do this on Monday. I'm pretty sure there are a few people who would like to catch up on these posts.

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