Had my support group on Tuesday way down in Mays Landing, then found out at the last minute I had to work in Monmouth the next day rather than Ocean because my co-worker was taking time off. Got a lot done in-county, hit Shop-Rite, forgot to buy mouthwash, came home, cooked for the first time with my new pots and pans, then got stoned around 6:30 and fell asleep around 7:00. Got up in the middle of the night to brush my teeth, used my pre-rinse before and after brushing since I didn't have mouthwash and hit the hay. Need to write more tonight, gentle reader.

Despite being really stoned, I did dream and I remember a bit of the dream. I'm walking around a suburban neighborhood, not the 'hood, when I hear a small firecracker. I look around and see someone standing in a doorway who's lighting another firecracker and throwing it at me. Now it's just one of those little babies about the size of a half-used crayon so there's no danger, only a small bang. At that time I realize I'm standing next to my car and become annoyed that he might hit it and cause some damage.
When the dream began, it was a bright and sunny day, but after the fireworks and seeing the proximity of my car night fell suddenly. I started walking back towards the guy's house, but he jumped inside of a 1970's station wagon covered in white Christmas lights and sped away.

That's all I remember.

Must remember to not get stoned too soon after getting home so I can write a proper entry.

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