A few days ago I remarked to myself, "The leaves are beginning to turn." The weather, not so much. Still it's helpful to see the yearly display of all those trees releasing the light of hundreds of sunsets as one last hurrah before winter falls upon the land. We're far from peak autumn, but it's coming. Slowly but surely.

Did I mention I bought pots and pans for myself? Living in the hood with a shared kitchen, the amenities are pretty ghetto. Former non-stick pots and pans have been dutifully scrubbed of their non-stick coating. Cleaned pots, pans, dishes, and utensils aren't really clean. The landlord does most of the dishwashing but I saw his method, washing stuff in a sink full of dirty water, and could not take it. When I did have to cook for myself, I had to clean everything to my expectations and select the least ruined pots and pans to prepare my meal.
For the past three months I've been subsisting on prepared foods or eating out, and I'm not talking cunnilingus. It's a no-brainer to realize I've become fatter than before. A year ago I was in the lower part of the neighborhood of 320 pounds. Now I'm 340 pounds. Sitting in this office chair only makes me more aware of my fattening up. But now that I can cook for myself and not worry about other people's concepts of hygiene, I hope to turn this ship around again and sail towards shallower (or thinner) waters.

Ted Lasso's 2nd season drew to a close early on Friday morning. While the episode dropped at midnight on Friday, I waited 'til morning to learn more about the developments with AFC Richmond. While my dealer warned me last year that one of the topics handled may hit close to home, i.e. divorce, I persevered in watching this ray of light in a grimdark television wasteland even though it often makes me cry like a baby. Funny thing about not wanting to watch at midnight was the fact the house's smoke detectors went off twice. By that time I was already sober and noticed it was midnight, but it was a school night and I wanted to be fresh in the morning. If you haven't started watching Ted Lasso, I beseech you to watch it. Binge it or space out the episodes, whatever you want, just watch Ted Lasso.

On my way home I hit Costco to get a hot dog and a slice of peperoni pizza. A wonderful little meal for $3.47. I wrote a letter to my Esperanto-speaking friend Jeon in Seoul, South Korea which I shall send posthaste. Still don't have the werewithal to write a story, but letters and journalling online seem to be perfectly kosher.

Speaking of online journalling, my LiveJournal is still alive but I haven't posted there in ages. There's not much of a community on LiveJournal anymore, plus it's owned by Russkies, and I really dislike their interface. Much rather write HTML in an editor and upload directly to my site.

I wish I could game with live human beings. In person, not over some conferencing app. The regular gaming group which met at the Cozy Kitchen in Brick is no more because the owner of the Cozy Kitchen sold the place. The Settlers of Catan group which met at a bar in Ocean, NJ has gone quiet. A week or so ago the organizer scheduled a game but cancelled on the day because only two people besides here would be in attendance. Please note Settlers of Catan requires a minimum of three players.

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