For those who noticed, but didn't remark upon it, I've fixed the index page for the months. For some reason the <div> cells were very fluid and the footer <div> cell was not staying centered and bent around the other <div> columns. With a judicious application of <p>&nbsp;</p> a few times, I was able to add enough spacing so the footer cell would stay at the bottom and remain centered.

Wednesday night I went out to dinner at a diner. I needed time to get my wits together and be presentable to the outside world. While I was eating dinner and thumbing my phone, I figured out a starting point for a mythos story which has been knocking around my head and found itself relegated on the to-do list. Now that I have an opening, I'm pleased and ready to start doing a first draft. Best of all, I have an idea who I will ask to be my readers.

Small wins amidst a crisis.

Therapy was tough in retrospect even though I dumped a lot out of my head. My therapist is a saint and a godsend, and she oughta be after seven years of enduring me. Afterwards I went to tend to the cats and spent a little more time than expected because I needed their company. Told Alexa to play a bunch of songs, had a cry, Leah checked on me, I made reference to something big which came up, she wanted to know and I politely told her I'm not saying shit, spent time with the cats some more, then left.

post script

I started writing the first draft of my first short story.

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