Woo hoo, I showed some growth yesterday! Yet my need for self-aggrandizement and validation remains immature evidenced by the way I am beginning this journal entry.
Between my dull reflection upon Esperanto orthography and a meditation upon autumn featuring a little girl and her dog, I had written a venomous little screed about shallow people. When I reread that bit, I realized it went nowhere and had no point except to vent under the auspices of seeking catharsis. So I deleted it.
Decades ago at heptapod.org it would've gone up, warts and all, but not this time.

Seasonable temperatures have arrived by the Jersey shore. My window was open and when I woke on Sunday, the room was gloriously cold and comfortable. I really hope this weather sticks around rather than Mother Nature going, "PSYCHE!"

May this week be an easy week.

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