Sometime at midnight in a grocery store parking lot. The parking lot was wet and reflected the streetlights and signs around me. My mission, to the best of my recollection, required me to buy onions. Thing is the supermarket was open, but dark, and I forgot what kind of onions were needed. It triggered memories of the times I went food shopping for Leah and her list was full of nonsense I never buy. Trust me the store had it in stock but it was always in some obscure corner, packed away on the lowest shelf behind dusty cans of whatever. Plus if I bought the wrong thing, it was followed by a harangue over my personal failings.
An aside, I guess I am depressed because I am not open to new things. Picky eating, for one. Not really being open to new experiences and drawing a blank when I'm in the hot seat to think of something to-do. Always being concerned what others think of me. Worse is me giving advice to others that they shouldn't do what I do.
Anyway, I had to buy onions but didn't remember what kind of onions. Worse, the store was dark and the aisles were a labyrinth. I think I found the produce section but didn't turn fast enough to actually enter it. Some aisles were full of goods, others had ominously dark and empty shelves. A few times I found myself back outside. The prospect of having to go back in was terrifying, but I pushed myself to go back in.
The dream took a turn when the store lights came on, I was doing something to make money when a crowd of people entered the place. Amidst them was Edna. She just stared at me and didn't interact with me. Yet I knew that I had to do business one last time with Edna.

Okay writing out that nightmare wore me out. I got stoned halfway through writing it. On Friday I put some ideas into a notebook. Work was easy. I am hoping tomorrow is fun.

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