Well it's been a month and I've updated every single day. I have no idea who are regular readers nor if I have any regular readers. An audience shouldn't be the reason why I'm writing. Rather I should be content to share what I can about the 21st century and my life, regardless of who reads inkubo.org.

Tuesday was an easy work day and it appears Wednesday may very well be too. I took advantage of my time to play Terraria and not much else since Discord was quiet. Meteorologists forecast a nor'easter to soak New Jersey, but it wimped out in Monmouth and Ocean counties. My friends say it rained a lot up north, but I am fairly certain the storm wasn't as devastating as Tropical Storm Ida back in August.

Not exactly happy with things I am muttering to myself while alone. Think I'm sinking back into the mindset that my situation is forever. Or if it isn't forever, things can only get worse.

On the bright side, I think my friend in Bloomfield opened up the possibility of having Thanksgiving up there. On Sunday they asked what I was doing for the holiday. I mentioned how I might bug my friend in Egg Harbor Township if I can show up, but I reckon I'd be more comfortable up in Bloomfield.

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