I slept poorly last night. Over the course of recent months I've been having a hard time trying to sleep through the night. Interesting thing is that my brain kept dreaming in Esperanto. Not entirely in Esperanto, but just a single word. Amikigu! Amiko means "friend", the suffix "igi means "make". A word ending in u uses the jussive tense. Directly translated the word is a command to "Make a friend!"
I'd sleep, wake up, roll over, go back to sleep, wake up, rinse, lather, and repeat. Yet as soon as my eyes closed for sleep, the word "amikigu" kept coming up. My interpretation is my subconscious is excited about this Hallowe'en party in Keansburg this weekend. Hopefully I'll make a friend.

At the moment I believe the arm pain may be contributing to my dearth of dreams.

and so...

Life is routine. Wake up around 7:20, start working, hopefully finish around 9-9:30, fuck around on Discord, browse the web, maybe play some Terraria, shower, dress, pack for work, three hours of running around at the courthouse, back home, scanned and sent work to the home office, then an evening of nothing of note besides Discord, Terraria, and trying to text people with varying degress of success. I chatted briefly with my friend in Bloomfield, but I wanted to ask something over the phone and it seems they vanished when I texted, "Got a second?" On the other hand, I tried to give some fatherly advice to my dealer over a situation involving someone who may have one or two of my bad traits.

Friday means working the other county which means I don't have to do jack or shit when I return home. Oh boy! I've started smoking, so I don't have the werewithal to translate this into Esperanto.


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