Mischief Night

Forgot to mention yesterday about the place being filled with smoke. I was title searching from home, smelled burning toast and didn't give it a second thought. Got up to take a leak and the kitchen and living room were full of smoke. Turns out the landlord was cooking breakfast and forgot about it, ruining an egg and some little sausage patties. A few hours of the front and back doors being open for ventilation and everything was right as rain.

When I came home from work that evening, I saw he put the burnt pot and frying pan from the morning into the sink. What I find troubling is how one of the pots is missing half of its non-stick surface. Between the grody ways people wash their dishes, pots, etc. and ruined cooking pots and pans, that's why I have my own for cooking. I can't believe these folks are that naïve, but some things just can't be underestimated.

I was somewhere in suburbia when a ruckus caught my attention. Stepping onto the back deck I saw a large golden cat with black spots. The spots seemed to be painted on by a five year old. By large, I don't mean large like Handsome Pete. Rather this cat came up to my knee at their shoulder while most cats are typically a little taller than my ankle at their shoulder. The cat was laying in the grass and surveying the yard, ignorant of my appearance. Then a german shepherd, I don't think the dog was 'mine' since I don't believe I'll ever have a dog companion again but I was familiar and friendly with the pup. The dog dashed at the large cat, grappled its neck 'til the cat escaped and dashed around the front. This cat was fast, like I'd presume a cheetah would be fast. When I stepped out the front door, the dog and cat were facing off in the front yard. I went over, grabbed the cat and plopped them into a bathroom which had a door opening to the great outdoors.

Annoying bit is the fact I was awakened by a text alert on my phone. Since it was the Scooby Doo 1970's "WooOoOoOooOo" I knew it was my friend Binnall. He was only a Person from Porlock because I didn't turn off alerts and alarms on my phone. I didn't check my phone, but rather laid in bed until sleep took me again while repeating the salient points from my mind's nightly theater. As I write this on Friday morning at 7:33 a.m., I know there was more but I don't remember them.


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