Work left me flustered over something relatively minor. A job that was going to be subbed out was sent back to me with the prior deed recited on the job page. I was annoyed it was sent back to me but did my best because it's a formidable job by what I saw before me. In the back office I saw notes where my manager's manager was told "This job isn't so bad" from the number two of my employer.


I cooked dirty rice for dinner with a chopped chicken breast that's been languishing in the fridge. I bought my own knives since the selection here is limited. After cutting the chicken I discovered my right index finger was bleeding >but I didn't cut myself. At least not with the knife's edge. Rather the back or spine of the knife is sharp unto itself and my cutting technique pressing my index finger there caused the wound. Just very weird since the knives at my old home didn't do that to me.

Last night I dreamt and I chalk that up to drying out from smoking marijuana on a regular basis. What I recall from the dream is the dream was full of friends, some who I remember from before and others I haven't met yet. I wish I made a point of remembering more but the feelings were sufficiently consistent and persistent to make me immortalize it here.

My friend in Beachwood is doing well and we had a good conversation this afternoon after I left the courthouse.

Sometime after 6 p.m. I think someone I briefly knew last year added me as a friend on Snapchat. I responded with a selfie and a codeword they'd appreciate. Then I went ahead and texted my friend in Beachwood and shared this development. No response. I dug out their telephone number and texted them, "Hi, pardon the intrusion. Is that you on Snap?" I looked at their profile and saw they're a Leo so I think it's them.
Mixed feelngs.

I'm writing this on the last day of March, this section at 7:50 p.m. EDT, and I have a fuck-off attitude and feel like sleeping. Outside it's windy but not cold. I'm watching Raised by Wolves and I'm not stoned for the third night in a row. Reckon I should sit on the front porch after this episode and feel the world around me. Tommorrow I'll have more than enough human contact.

Warm rains trickle down
Tiny frogs anointed below
The Earth is renewed

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