As I mentioned yesterday someone came out of the woodwork in a very small way and it was strange. Last night I dreamt that I was talking to this person and they were distraught over having lost their job in the medical field. Now they were working overtime at Starbucks but they were still unable to make ends meet. Hearing them at their wit's end was troubling and I awoke with a start.
Glad this was just a dream and they still aren't participating in my life, even if they did add me on Snapchat.

Work went quickly for me yesterday, leaving me with five hours to kill before going to a new science fiction group meeting in Toms River. I dropped off cat support to Leah then went to Seaside Heights to waste time. Lemme tell ya, it was windy at the boards. Some of the gusts were strong enough to make 6'2", 353# / 187.96 cm, 160 kg me get blown about a bit. I bought fudge, futzed with my phone 'til I started to feel cold and uncomfortable around 4:30 p.m. I went to the restaurant hosting the scifi group and half-napped in the car.
With the windows rolled up, the car became very warm so I had to roll down the driver side window to be comfortable. Yet that lent to anxiety someone might do something to me. On the bright side I was able to recharge a bit because I was sleepy, yet I didn't want to miss out on this event. In that limnal half-asleep state I realized a new direction for my Lovecraft pastiche which is duly noted in my notebook. A tangential aside, I didn't work on the game for two days and should tackle more of it this weekend.

The group meetup went well, two of my friends attended and it was good seeing them get to know each other. As usual I'm happy listening and observing but I know next month I'm going to go around and mingle.

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