Leah asked that I help her move furniture on Saturday. My friend and former neighbor would help since he has a pickup truck. Only real hiccup was trying to find the hidden key to get inside a house for the furniture. After a little work the new furniture was moved in and the old furniture was moved out to the garage. My friend was occupied since he drives a hearse for a funeral home during his off hours as a school bus driver.
Today's passenger was an embalmer at a funeral home who happened to die while embalming a body. He joked to his wife that at least the guy's family wouldn't be charged $100 to get his body to the funeral home.
While waiting for him I was thinking about having ceded too much control back to Leah, having her ask (expect) me to do things for her. I feel obligated for the cats. Not that she's going to hurt them but my living situation makes their livelihood precarious and Leah leverages them against me to get her way. I'm not allowed to have any pets because the landlord has asthma. Also living with three cats in a 121 square foot room would be a recipe for disaster and piss.

Once my "obligation" was complete, I went to a local diner and the experience was terrible. The waitress was busy chatting away with people at another table who were leaving rather than ordering food, so I had to say aloud, "May I order?" Jesus Christ. The food wasn't that good either, despite being owned by the same guy who runs a diner closer to the bridge to Seaside Heights which is undergoing renovation. Makes me wonder if the waitress was being a cunt because I interrupted her ten minute coffee klatsch. My mood began to slide.

Next stop was food shopping which meant going to Shop Rite and braving the gauntlet of "We are all Trump's children" since, for some unfathomable reason, Shop Rite has decided each one of their "World Class" stores must blare shitty "patriotic" music at the entrance. Sad thing is Wegmans and Food Town are out-of-the-way and potentially a bit more expensive. Aldi is also out of the way but Aldi is depressing. A few weeks back I went to Aldi in Toms River and saw a former manager from my brief telemarketing sales job in Manasquan. Goodness, how far have some people fallen?

Finding the food went alright but I teared up when I reached the pet food aisle. Everything about my life began rushing through my head, nothing but failure, and I looked behind me fully expecting to see a short, goth chick wearing an ankh saying, "It's time" while holding out her hand. While scaring up that link for the uninitiated I learned there's going to be a Sandman television series and Death of the Endless is going to be portrayed by a black woman. Maybe one can't get any more goth than wearing black, goth clothes and having dark skin.

a small diversion

An exchange between myself and my friend in Beachwood.

Sometimes it's better just not to talk about politics at all. But then they turn out to be white supremacists. Next thing you know you've got three kids with white pointy hoods running around the yard and you're inside the house reading Karl Marx.

I know!

Rolling a joint wondering where the fuck you went wrong.

Very unsettling. hahahaha


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