I think I figured out Leah. Whenever I'd try and talk to Leah, she always answers with questions. Most times those questions are turning the subject back to the asker, rather than illuminating anything about Leah. In a similar vein, the times that I'd ask something about her or challenge her the question was always turned back to me. Not exactly turned back, but wielded like a whip to take attention off her.

After more than a decade with her, I've put together enough of the pieces to assemble a picture of herself without knowing the precise details.

Even if I did know the details, I'd never judge her nor throw it back in her face. On the other hand I've confided a lot of shit with her and instead of those things being held in her heart, and hopefully in confidence, they were loaded like bullets into a pistol with the intent of keeping me in my place.

And she wonders why I wasn't communicative with her. Let me tell you hwat, but I am far more communicative with my friends in Egg Harbor City and Beachwood.

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