My cup runneth over.

I'm in frequent contact with four people. Turns out that a fifth, someone who ghosted me last year shortly after I moved to Neptune, has come out of the woodwork and I wasn't even expecting such a development. They added me as a friend on Snapchat back on April 1st, I sent them a photo then a text to see if they are who I presumed. On Wednesday morning their identity was confirmed, we chatted and made plans to maybe meet at a Starbucks in the next two weeks when their schedule is less crazy. Hearing from them at all was on par with ever hearing back from Edna LaMontagne Voegele in a friendly context. I'm not expecting that to happen in my lifetime, but now I wouldn't be surprised.

My tax stuff is finally gathered together and I just need to deliver it to my accountant. Hooray.

Also yesterday I was thinking that since New Jersey, and the United States of America, is becoming less liveable to regular folks (i.e. me) I am considering moving to the European Union (E.U.). Both sides of my family hail from E.U. countries, one arriving the 'States in 1909 at Ellis Island and the other side arriving sometime in the mid-1940's after V.E. Day. It seems the latter would be a better tack for assuming E.U. citizenship than the former considering the timespan and number of generations.
There are two flies in the ointment. First is learning a new language to be conversant. I did this with Esperanto but Esperanto is an easy language. One of the European languages is simple since it's a romance language. The other language is challenging despite using the latin alphabet. The former European ethnicity has a stigma, IMO, while the other is part of a growing E.U. partner that may, one day, rival Germany. Either way I'd be a European Union citizen so is there really a problem?

I dunno.

The other issue is citizenship does have a price. My friend in Beachwood considered getting citizenship but the final price tag would be $10,000. Fortunately it's dollars, not euros. I recall back in Colorado maribou was telling me about how one could go about acquiring Canadian citizenship and mentioning it'd cost something like $3,000 to $5,000 once everything is said and done.

Gonna ruminate over this potential opportunity.

Lastly the Jeff Tweedy cover of the Ted Lasso theme song is on YouTube. This pleases me greatly.

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