Work was uneventful. I was home a little after four, putzed around on the computer for a bit before taking a nap so I could function at the Wonderbar where Cosmic Jerry was going to be playing on Friday night.

Woke a bit before 7, dressed, combed my hair and beard then headed into Asbury with my landlord for our evening. He bought me a beer, and I had burger and three pineapple juices and one of his edibles. The edibles look like a sugared green gummy one would find at their grandma's house, and it tasted and smelled very weedy but I did not get the impactful edible high.

Since I'm not a deadhead and only know three songs, Scarlet Begonias, Ripple, and Touch of Gray, I was a little out of my element because Cosmic Jerry didn't play those tunes. My landlord told me he saw a couple of women checking me out but they had faded into the crowd by the time he let slip his observation. There was one girl in a tie-dye shirt who had given herself two buns atop her head adorned with sunflowers who caught my eye. Eventually built up the courage to buy her a beer, a Naranganset, which got a friendly thank you from across the bar which was enough for me. Still don't feel confident enough to go up to women and chat them up. Though I did think of a line where I approach a woman and ask, "Do you believe in fate?" Regardless of her answer, it's a win.
"Me neither. I'm Chris, nice to meet you."
"(ramble about stars aligning and finding her there, etc.)"

Plus I told my landlord that I could tell she was out with her girlfriends just for the music. Still that was worth a shot. Makes me think of the film Defending Your Life and hopefully that shows up in my reel showing I did take chances and merit advancement to a higher plane.

When I got home, I smoked a bowl and got properly stoned. Per tradition I spoke with my friend in Egg Harbor City and it appears I was more entertaining than usual while under the influence of the devil's cabbage. Woke somewhere before sunrise and messaged my friend in LBI with a diatribe that mentioned shamrock shakes in the middle.

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