Saturday was an easy day. Texted my friend in LBI a bit. Wrote for the fortean site. Played Disco Elysium for the majority of the day. Showered, went to Shop-Rite, then came back to write tomorrow's edition of the fortean website and schedule links for Monday.

Disco Elysium usually leaves me with a feeling of unease. I guess it's seeing the ruined urban landscape of Revachol combined with the desperate lives encountered by Lieutenant double-yefreitor Harry DuBois in the pursuit of justice. I believe I solved the case which started off the game today, dabbled a bit in cryptozoology, and see shadows of the main storyline which has been set up.

Even though I started playing because Jaybird said he saw me in the game during a particular scene, and a similar sentiment was shared by my friend OnlyWednesdayMu, my vanity has been overcome by a genuine interest in this strange story set in an ersatz alien Europe. So far I haven't experienced the scene in question. Being mostly unspoiled, I have no idea if the scene in question already happened or not.

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