I had an interesting lesson on Sunday.

When I woke on Sunday I discovered my friend in LBI actually phoned me and sent me a text, rather than a Snapchat message. They needed a ride home on Saturday night and thought of me. Also I had a snapchat waiting for me. No voicemail, just a text asking if I was up, then on Snapchat there were two videos of them smoking a blunt in a car while heading home.

I did a screenshot or two then received a message, "Chill on screenshots okay?"
"It's Snapchat. These aren't supposed to be saved.

The lesson was twofold. First, allow ephemeral things to remain ephemeral and pictures on Snapchat are meant to self-destruct after being viewed. Secondly, if you want something: Ask. Don't be fucking sneaky or clever about it, even though screenshotting Snapchat isn't particularly sneaky since the sender sees it's been screenshotted.

Besides that, I did laundry and played more of Disco Elysium. I believe I'm only a third of the way through considering I (mostly) wrapped up the original mystery of the guy who was lynched behind the seedy motel. Now I'm getting into somewhat stranger territory involving a church and the greater mystery behind who and what motivated the lynching.

I dreamt that someone I've been talking to online who lives in New Jersey shared their telephone number. Thing is, the number had the +13 country code and looking it up in the dream said the number was based in Hong Kong. When I asked this person, they said they moved back to the US from Hong Kong but never got around to changing their telephone number. Upon waking, I discovered there is no +13 country code.

Also during the dream I looked in the mirror. I was considerably less fat and had no iron in my beard, but my nose was considerably larger thanks to an infection or inflammation or injury.


I rarely check my horoscope, but I have an app for horoscopes. It sends me my weekly horoscope by email which reminds me to use the app which resides upon my phone's home screen. This one struck me considering this Friday I'm supposed to get extra training as a title searcher which could mean advancement.

Hope springs eternal, but kinda doubtful here.

Mars sextile to natal Mars

An impulsive decision has affected the deepest parts of your psyche. There will be a chance opportunity that affects your natural drive for action. Try not to start a fight right now. You might not be right. Resist cynicism and be courageous.
This opportunity will see its beginnings in your career or social life where they meet with deep truths. Keep an eye on how you really feel about your social status, or deep fears about what you're doing with your life.
This opportunity might be one of your creation, or one that falls into your lap—pay attention to doorways that are newly open to you.

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