I took off work on Monday. Woke up late, showered, went to a diner for a late breakfast, pooped three times, and came back. Sat around for a wee bit then decided my time would be better spent sitting outdoors. Monday was a gray day, windy and cold, but I sat in the big wicker throne while facing west, read two short stories then proceeded to nap. The cold got to me so I went inside, grabbed my pink blanket and brought it out to cover my legs and dozed yet again. I heard a slight pitter-patter, picked up my science fiction anthology and tucked it into my hoodie and pulled the blanket closer to me. Stirred sometime after 3 p.m. when I happened to spy a bald eagle flying south over the street behind the house and into a tree a few houses down. Another raptor along with a crow were in tow along with some seagulls. The crow perched nearby and called out many times. The raptor flew around the eagle's tree while seagulls rubbernecked the situation. The bald eagle hung out while the other raptor would stop mid-air, change course, fly away then come back. Sometime before 4 p.m. the bald eagle flew away eastwards with the avian entourage in tow. Such a remarkable sight seeing a bald eagle, it's almost as if I spotted a mythical creature. The sighting being all the more special since it happened here in the 'hood.

Wished that I captured the bald eagle on camera, but on second thought I'm glad of the fact. The memory will be far more vivid in my mind than rendered into pixels.


Here's what Co-Star told me about Monday's horoscope.

a screenshot of text from the co-star astrology app which says you can be with more than one person, you just have to be honest about it.

Very progressive, Co-Star.

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