I have a vague memory of a vivid dream from last night, but not strong enough to build anything for inkubo.org.

I worked the other county today and it went well, everything's caught up and the rest of my week will be spent in Ocean. Sweet Lew's was closed, so I went to the Freehold Grill for lunch and it was cheaper than Sweet Lew's but not as good. Mind you they're pretty close to each other so I'm splitting red cunt hairs.
No, that's not a segue to talking about Edna LaMontagne Voegele.
All the work sent over to me was completed, not that it was particularly difficult. I had a heavy job to start the day, the inbetween work was par for the course, and the last job was a little interesting because the parcel was split into two lots until 1986. Lot 13 went back to 1955 which wasn't that bad. Lot 14 came out of a final judgement in 1958 (give or take) in 1974. Just had to contact my direct report for how to set up the job for the examiner and make their life easier.

Before coming home I sent out a birthday card to my friend in Egg Harbor City and a postcard to my friend in Bloomfield. The latter was just passing along information about the upcoming total lunar eclipse on the 16th of May. Hit Aldi where I picked up a 12 pack of chocolate Pop Tarts and a package of Reese's for about $4.50. Once properly home I ate the last piece of DiGiorno pizza from Sunday night, scheduled links for the fortean site's Twitter feed, set up a Mastodon account because Elon Musk bought Twitter on Monday, sent $75 to Leah because she doesn't have a pot to piss in and it covers cat support for the first half of May along with an extra $25 so she can do a little self-care. The note I attached to the transfer is I expect nothing in return which I emphasized with a text.

On Sunday night while talking with my friend in Egg Harbor City I mentioned how I believe marijuana might've been contributing to depression. Last week with the advent of 420 I smoked a lot more than I should've smoked. Even did an edible which fucked me up in a good way. Still, I don't need to rest at the bottom of the river of life while the waters flow above me, I want to take a few jumps to catch the current and flow along with it.

I really feel like I should trip, hard, on mushrooms or LSD or something else.

In a similar vein, while walking back from the Freehold Grill I had a weird feeling that death was near. I was careful, observed green lights, kept my own counsel, and I'm still here. Hopefully that moment passed or it was just a minor anxiety attack.

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