Wednesday was a good day.

Was able to prepare a lot of work and head into the county at my usual time without asking permission to be there earlier. I didn't wear my boot since my heel was feeling better, but as the day progressed I realized I was pushing my luck. I wasn't able to finish my last job but it's ready for Friday.
If I am there on Friday.
My soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law invited me out to dinner and I was to meet her at Klee's in Seaside Heights around 4 p.m. She was a little late but while I was waiting my manager asked if I'd be okay working from home tomorrow. Being me, being spectrum-y and not liking change, I phoned him right away and he said there was no work for Ocean and Monmouth's workload supposedly is light. For what it's worth I've been burning through work since Monday and the tiny, optimistic self is trying to say this is a learning experience to become familiar with performing title searches in other counties.
The pessimistic side is rambling that I'm a fuck up, they're going to fire me on Thursday and I'll have Friday and the weekend to ruminate and try to get my life back together (if at all). After all, people get shitcanned on Fridays or near the end of the week. This article says the best day is Wednesday while this article says Wednesday or Thursday are ideal. Yet another article seems to agree with the former two links. Adding fuel to the fire is the fact the month is drawing to a close and I get paid on Friday.

So it's 8:01 p.m EDT and I just got off the phone with my friend Dave who assures me they're not going to fire me and this is an opportunity to expand my utility with my employer. My fingers are crossed.

As I was leaving the courthouse and heading to my car, my friend from Beachwood was waiting at a stop light and honked at me. I walked to their car, they gave me a ride to my car, and the funny thing is I was thinking to myself "Gosh, what if I ran into Beachwood and they gave me a ride to my car so I didn't have to walk that block."
That's my story and I'm sticking to it.
For what it's worth, Beachwood is a good person but they seem to have different personalities in real life vs. texting. While texting they can be very laconic, but in person they're a delight. Also on the phone they are just as much of a delight as they are in-person.

Dinner with my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law was good and I was happy to have a free meal. Next time we're going to the Chinese buffet. Sadly I trusted a fart near the end of dinner, spent about ten minutes in the bathroom cleaning myself up and throwing away my underpants. Fortunately only the underpants were ruined and my shorts survived, but they'll definitely need a washing this weekend. I'll be staying with the cats which means I can also take a real shower with a detachable showerhead. How do people believe they're getting clean while using a regular showerhead on the wall?

I hope you had a good day too.

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