Woke up late, pounded out my pound of flesh for the fortean website, putzed around online and truly felt how empty my life feels at the moment, followed by a trip into Brick for a pick up from a friend. When I returned home I decided I'd do two hours of title searching but Ocean County's NuVision was down when I attempted to log in with Chrome on Windows, Edge, and Chromium on GNU/Linux. Instead I set up the jobs to the best of my ability and will tackle the challenges in the morning. My evening will be rounded out with a shower and more aimlessness until it's bedtime around 10 p.m.

For what it's worth my left heel is feeling better and I think I'm going to beg out of physial therapy on Tuesday by saying my biological mother is in the hospital and I need to be there for her. Going to the munch in Hammonton and being around people is much more important. Also I'm going to be taking off work on Wednesday which will be my first real day off, rather than sick day, in a while.

Hopefully I can decompress there, feel more human, and mitigate any damage from having dinner with Leah on Monday evening.

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