On Tuesday morning I was awake around 3 a.m. and putzed with my phone. I checked weather.baby and saw it was a mere 62°F / 16°C / 284 Kelvin and felt happy. Then I noticed the site defaulted to Augusta, Maine for some reason. I centered on Asbury Park and discovered it was 69°F / 20°C / 293 Kelvin. As I went back to sleep I thought to myself, "Global warming is a reality. The climate of my youth has moved north 400 miles / 650 kilometers.

Also I noticed I had some discomfort on my left eyelid. No idea what's the cause but it'll clear up in a few days.

Tuesday was just a day. Work was finished an hour early, took care of the cats, napped to eat up time, then headed to the southern New Jersey munch. Since the most recent Sunday wasn't the first Sunday of August I couldn't listen to the latest edition of Voluminous, a podcast about the letters of H.P. Lovecraft. Instead I listened to the Better Call Saul Insider podcast and it continues to tantalize but ultimately disappoint as the producers of Better Call Saul have a circlejerk over meaningless minutae from production than discussing the episode. An example of their circlejerk is, "Oh my god, the string Francesca pulls to retrieve the money! It was a-maz-ing! Where did you get it?"
"A hardware store! It was twine."
"Yay string!" followed by applause and cheers for ten minutes.
Well there's so much we didn't get to but our time is up!

It ate up about an hour of time.

I felt good seeing my people again at the munch. Because of the meniscus tears in my left knee and continuing, yet minor, issues with my Achilles tendons I begged off the July munch. Saw Plum, met a new friend who goes by the handle Strawberry, said hello to Rameen, and overall it was a good time. I felt anxious because throughout July I was isolated from humanity and caught cabin fever. Fortunately some guardian angel, I don't know who nor do I want to know, had Strawberry chat me up for 90% of the munch. We talked about medicine, her career in forensic pathology(!), holistic treatment, gaming, who we are and where we're coming from, along with our involvement with kink as a whole.

A little before nine I was feeling tired, but this was a good tired because I was exercising my social muscles after they atrophied for four weeks. In the build-up to my arrival I was afraid I'd hide behind my phone for the rest of the night rather than really interact with people. Still I had a good conversation and made a new acquaintance. Plus Plum stated she was interested in acquiring a Veloster and I let her sit in my driver's seat to see how it felt should she take the plunge.

A long ride home was followed by filling my water filter, scanning work and sending it to the home office. I have off on Wednesday and I hope it'll be a pleasant, if brief, respite for myself. Over the past year I've only taken time for sick days, accompanied by doctors notes, and I believe this is my first real fuck-off day rather than recouperating or suffering.

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