Ardent readers of inkubo.org may remember an entry from the month of May concerning a brief encounter with some shady characters which precipitated a little bit of neighborhood drama. Here's the entry in question to jog one's memory or catch up.

a beater pick up truck is being loaded up with the contents of a house rental across the street from me.

When I left the house around noon on Wednesday this was the sight I beheld. The tenant who lived there most likely was dealing hard drugs, meth or opiates, considering her appearance or she was a user who lived with at least five other people also using together. What struck me about the place being cleaned out is the broken window over the front porch. The window is partially obscured by the truck's bed but if one looks at the original photo by right clicking and selecting 'view image' then zooming in one can see the window was broken.

One of my roommates was sitting on our front porch and we made small talk about the situation and we both agreed this was a good for the neighborhood.

Good bye fat goth chick with bruises like leopard spots on your legs. Hope the screen door didn't hit you on the ass too hard.

in other news

I ordered two books off Amazon and ordered a fancy, expensve set of tarot cards from etsy.

Spoke with my landlord on Wednesday night and he remarked upon the fact that Leah came across as someone who needed to be in control.

Again, I feel vindicated.

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