On Saturday evening I took 1.18 grams of magic mushrooms. They were from the mazatapec strain of psilocybin mushrooms. My plug told me they were particularly kind and recommended for new users. Those who know me are aware I've taken heroic doses of magic mushrooms in the past, 5 grams my first time then eating a whole, raw penis envy mushroom that was about the size of a baby's arm. My last trip was on the first of November in 2020 and it was harrowing, but like all magic mushroom trips it had a positive lesson. In my case the lesson was not to do mushrooms alone again.

Since I am essentially alone I decided to do a very small dose and see how that went for me. The four tiny dried mushrooms were clipped into pill-sized pieces and washed down with a mango kombucha between 6:45 and 6:47 p.m. on Saturday. About an hour later, the delay potentially due to having a full stomach, I begam to feel the psilocybin take effect. The hairs on my arms began to stand up, I felt a calm come over me, and I went onto the back deck to have a sit-down. A little while later I was asleep and woke up about half past eight in the evening. No closed-eye visuals nor open-eye visuals, just a few hours of respite. As I told my friends I felt like my anxiety had been dialled down and the edge to my anger was gone.

When I finally hit the sack, I covered my eyes and waited for sleep. In the darkness I had some very vivid images appear before my eyes but they weren't crazy hallucinations. Mostly colorful, cartoonish drawings of castles and other creatures which I found to be pleasant.

Sunday morning I got my fortean website obligations out of the way. About 12:15 p.m. my Mystical Medleys tarot card set arrived and I spent a little time shuffling the cards, perusing the art, and pulling my first card for an idea of the deck's character. Note the Mystical Medleys tarot cards was exceedingly more affordable than the Stray Cat tarot cards. Moreso when I looked at the MSRP for Mystical Medleys on the box, I saw Amazon was selling for nearly half price!

Great Scott!

Now about my Mystical Medleys tarot cards. Someone went ahead and made up characters drawn in the style of 1930's animated cartoons and turned them all into a tarot card set. My acquaintance John Reppion on Twitter, along with his wife, were pimping the tarot card set sometime around the start of the pandemic. Since I recently had this bug about acquiring a new tarot card set, I bought a special deck (Stray Cat) and chose Mystical Medleys because it's fun.
Back in the late 1990's I had The Mythic Tarot and I loved that deck. It came with a little cloth for doing readings and to wrap up the cards when they were in storage. The artwork was beautiful, the illustrated narrative of the minor arcana drawn from classical mythology made them easy for me to read, and the artist knew how to use the color blue making for a handsome set. Sometime before I moved away from Colorado, or I was already relocated on the east coast, the cards had suffered damage in transit and I had to discard them. Over the years I've tried to locate a used set but sellers are commanding princely sums of $200-300 and, sadly, such a price is (excuse me) not in the cards.
Note there is second edition of The Mythic Tarot but the art doesn't captivate me like its forebear, so I am not inclined to acquire the set for myself.
Reckon the Mystical Medleys will be an 'everyday' tarot deck while the Stray Cat tarot will be for special occasions.

a photo of the box art for my mystical medleys tarot card deck. the artwork shows a cartoony lion being ridden by a redheaded woman with a wreath of leaves encircling her head. above her head a heart is tracing a lemniscate in the sky.

After shuffling the deck three times, I pulled my first card: an inverted three of pentacles.

an inverted three of pentacles card features a cartoon character shaped like an illuminati pyramid wielding a hammer and chisel before a couple of cartoon bug people. the male bug is holding a set of blueprints with his two left hands. the couple is standing in a gothic archway and the illuminati pyramid character is also standing in their own gothic archway. inbetween them is a rose potentially symbolizing the rosy cross of the rosicrucians, alleged forebears of the illuminati, and above that are three pentacles arranged in a triangle.

The Mystical Medleys deck came with a book, fortunately it's printed in English not Thai, and their interpretation is: It's time to find that hidden calling, that passion prject, that joyful job that's buried deep inside you. Open your mind's eye and find the taskt hat sculpts your very soul and develops your destiny — if you do, you'll surely reap the rewards of your work.

a photograph from the little tarot book included with the mystical medleys tarot. the text is transcribed in the paragraph before this image.

Other interpretations of the inverted three of pentacles suggest one is not learning from mistakes, or one is unwilling to do so. Typically the cause is being overwhelmed with a sense of not knowing what one's doing except there's no effort being put into such an endeavor. Apathy and laziness are key. Not particularly auspicious but the card conveys to me that this deck will speak the blunt truth regardless of circumstances.

As for the rest of my Sunday, I drove to Matawan to drop off a birthday card since my friend didn't show up despite tentative plans. What can I say? I know well enough not to hang my hat on any plans they make with me. When I came back I stopped watching the Netflix adaptation of Sandman because it wasn't a slavishly identical adaptation of the comic series. Matthew the Raven shows up earlier and gives fucking hints to Dream of the Endless during his battle with Lucifer. The nightmare Corinthian doesn't appear in the comic until The Doll's House and, for some unfathomable reason, Corinthian is supposed to be a motivating force for the adaptation's plot? Plus the chapter The Sound Of Her Wings doesn't take place in Washington Square Park. Everything else is window dressing like palette-swapping people's skin color and gender-swapping for the sake of inclusiveness. It's done so heavy-handed and feels very forced, especially with Death of the Endless being African-American in this adaptation, that I just stopped watching and won't pick it up again. Yeah Neil Gaiman is involved with this adaptation but it just doesn't feel like Sandman. Being kind, Warner Brothers/DC doesn't know how to use their properties and they're trying to turn a quick buck for little effort without appreciating the source material.

Good things about Sunday? The arrival of my second tarot card deck, finding a forgotten candy bar in the freezer container of my mini fridge and discovering there's another one which I will consume when I return from work on Monday evening. My friend Tim from Massachusetts reached out to me a few times, my friend in Whiting (who hooked me up with the mushrooms) texted with me, a new episode of Voluminous dropped, I had an hour-long nap, and that's pretty much it.

August 2022
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