Dream kicked off with me someplace remarkably icy. My biological mother was nearby and she left puke everywhere. Yellow, orange, and pink puke stains everywhere. Some frozen, some not-so-frozen. I recall moving through that part of the dream was precarious. I didn't see my biological mother. I think this vignette was spurred by a mention by my soon-to-be ex-mother-in-law last week where she said her friend saw my biological mother at a gathering, apparently she's not looking very good.

There was an interlude associated with title searching. It's depressing because at the moment title searching appears to be the only activity in my life which makes me feel useful.

Rounding out the dream had me in a shower, probably the one I use nowadays. Unlike waking life, I had a detachable showerhead allowing me to power-rinse every part of my body instead of standing under a static nozzle. I bent over to rinse soap out and discovered there was a light tan turd in the bathtub. I removed it and continued my shower but when I looked down again there was yet another one. I don't recall even feeling the urge to poop nor feeling it pass through my rear end.

As for waking life I had a very busy day on Monday. A substitute title searcher who was given a project completely dropped the ball and left my employer hanging in the wind. Since it was my county, Ocean, I had to give my pound of flesh to ensure the company kept a client happy by delivering on a job. I knew about this on Friday but already had established plans for the weekend and begged off the overtime. Sunday night I set up the three 'normal' searches and tried to set up the project searches to no avail since the starting deeds were from the 1930s.

I only found out they were from the 1930s because another title searcher on Monday showed me how some file maps have been 'abstracted' and show the deed for the first owner of a property according to its block and lot. Three years of title searching and I never knew about this.
Twelve notes, three project full searches, and two average full searches were completed. The leftover search was garbage since it was a 60 year strict, the starting owners were developers or some such shit and have 30+ easements/rights-of-way/grants/what-have-you in books rather than being online. On top of that was a messy foreclosure in the chain followed by a shady present owner who happens to be a developer who screwed one of their contractors and now the contractor has pending litigation to take the property from that developer.

It'll get done tomorrow.

At the moment I'm distracted but also worrying over how to break my smartphone addiciton. My lack of willpower coupled with the social outlet of smartphones has made me pretty much useless except as an audience member. Worst of all, I hear Leah screaming "LAZY! YOU'RE LAZY!" in my head just like she did in real life.

I wish it wasn't so hot outside. I wish I could be outdoors and comfortable and relax.

At the moment I feel like a mental hot mess.

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