I changed the category of the dream from yesterday from being a dream to a nightmare.

Last night I had visions of Kira and I accepted them as confirmation that Kira was okay. I saw Kira laying atop something, sprawled out flat, but content and dreaming. Another vision had Kira being happy and accepting a pet on the head.

The dream took a strange turn when it had me interacting with a redhead who wasn't Edna LaMontagne Voegele. She was being kind to me, affectionate, and there was something about her wanting me to touch her navel which was very odd.

Kira is alive and well. I received photographic confirmation on Wednesday afternoon.

a photograph showing kira receiving scritches on her head from leah
a photograph showing kira sitting on the front stoop, making eye contact with the photographer and looking very small
a photograph showing kira eating out of a metal bowl on the front stoop. her water bowl and usual food dish are stacked to the side for cleaning
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