Monmouth was a chore, but I made it through and did a respectable amount of work. On Friday I return to Ocean and start my weekend. Went to visit the cats, saw Kira for myself as well. Held her in my arms and told her how much I love her.
It seems that Leah is right and Kira is going deaf. When I was walking around the side of the house towards Kira on the front stoop, I was calling her name and making a bit of a ruckus yet she was non-plussed. Not to mention she appeared to be slightly surprised when she saw me.
Afterwards I got an oil change and new air filters installed along with advice that I probably need new tires sometime soon. That'll be determined at the time of my next oil change which will most likely be the beginning of October or thereabouts.

I will be attending a social gathering on Saturday the 20th of August and thought about staying a night in Cape May as a tiny little vacation then driving west to the party. There was considerable sticker shock when I looked at the prices for a motel room for one night. Mind you it's August, still vacation season, but goodness gracious! Back in '06 when I stayed a weekend in Wildwood with my girlfriend from Colorado, there was some sticker shock. If I recall correctly it was during the off-season as well. Perhaps I'll find something over the weekend. Plus I'll still have to request time off on Friday the 19th even if it is short notice.

a photograph of a skinny female tabby cat who is licking her chops while looking at the camera. this is kira.
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