In that fitful, semi-awake area of life I was wondering if my expense check already arrived and I had cashed it or not. I saw myself going flipping through memories like a filing cabinet while wondering if I should email the home office to check on the status.

Just before I left to go into the county, I found my expense check laying on the table in the main room.

Other than that, Friday was a good day, work productivity-wise, but ended with a rough spot. Not going to rehash it since I already spoke with my friend Tim from Massachusetts, Rameen in south Jersey, my therapist, gave a vague overview to my friend Wednesday, and spoke with one of the tenants in the basement on Saturday morning.
Rather than ruminating and spiralling down, I reached out to people. I have friends, I have a support network, and nobody held me in contempt for bothering them.

Reckon I did the right thing since I'm on an even keel at the moment.

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