Early morning dream (between 5:30 and 6:00 a.m. IIRC) that was very intense. I am at the house in Toms River and it seems like Leah is being friendly and reconciling with me again. I had found a posting that she put up on reddit where she made an analogy about our relationship. How she wished we lived overseas with me so she could blame the failure of our marriage, as a metaphorical meal, on the chef and poor ingredients rather than on me being entirely on me for being an awful cook.
This was a little more eloquent n the dream.
We discussed this in the living room together until she got up and began to take me back to the sun room where her friend Sabrina and some other woman were waiting for her. As we walked from the living room I saw she was wearing a very loose gray top and a black peeka-boo bra with her hard nipples poking out. I didn't feel anything sexual but playing with and squeezing them felt nice and Leah did laugh. Sabrina and the other woman saw us coming around the corner and I got down on the floor and started crawling towards them with intent to fool around with them.
Leah sat down on her corner of her couch and suddenly the sunroom in Toms River was the living room in the home of my paternal grandparents. That living room was an encosed porch which became more of a room than a porch. For a minute the dream 'camera' was over Leah and some short, squarely-built guy wearing a green shirt and jeans came into the scene, brushing past me as if I wasn't there, leaned over Leah and kissed her hello. Leah gave her "uh... oh... vocalizations when she wishes to express confusion along with being uncomfortable with a situation while trying to couch it in her version of humor. She whispers something. I hear the guy say, "He's gonna have to get over it and man the fuck up."
I grab something from his hand, a custom incandescent light bulb where the bulb was shaped clear glass and inside were nixie filaments to emphasize the guy's eyeglasses and moustache. What I recall from the dream is he looked like a hybrid of Walter White from Breaking Bad and Ned Flanders from The Simpsons. I push him down and start shouting, "Why don't you go back to your faggoty firehouse because Nick and George's fat cocks are waiting for your moustache to tickle them while you choke in record time." Since it's a dream I began slamming the guy against the wall, no resistance and wake up with a start from the violence and shouting.

I over did physical therapy and hurt my left heel. Been avoiding inkubo.org to have a little break for myself but that dream needed to be transcribed.

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