Last Monday was not a fun day. I was overwhelmed with work, tasked with a priority note with a deadline of that afternoon and the requested items were challenging to uncover. Around 2 p.m. I heard from my direct report that there was going to be a meeting at 2:30 and I should go somewhere private for the meeting.
I went into the downstairs deed room, put in my earbuds, called the number to be greeted by the company president. She wanted to wait five minutes so everyone was on the call which let me stew in anxiety. When the meeting commenced she said everyone on the call was not laid off but they had to let some people go from the company since the real estate market is soft.

Jesus fucking Christ.

Later my friend texted me to affirm I was safe and it came from the company president's mouth. Whew. My friend explicitly asked the president about me.

Flash forward to Tuesday the 23rd. In the morning I discovered a site that creates viral posts and made one. The prompts were 'working in my bathrobe' and 'you can always eat more, but you can't eat less'. I set the slider very close to 'cringey' and got the following text that I posted on LinkedIn because I thought it was funny:

I'm humbled to start a new adventure, and work wearing my bathrobe in front of my new boss.

As much as my colleagues and team were amazing (they know that you can always eat more, but you can't eat less), I couldn't be more thrilled to step into a new workplace. I worked wearing my bathrobe again on the way home (I'm too excited!) And I will probably work again tonight.

Oh well! This year is going to be fantastic, I just know it 🔥🚀

Later in the afternoon I check my phone, I saw a missed call and a text. It was my direct report texting, "Call me when you can" and the call was from him. Apparently the upper management saw my posting on LinkedIn and thought I was leaving the company. I explained everything, he understood and said he'd clarify for upper management. Before he ended the call he made a comment about management creeping on everyone's social media.

A few minutes later I texted him, "I was afraid they found my OnlyFans

His response? "What's funny is I said you got a night job on OnlyFans."

Still this rattled me a bit but everything's fine. Just need to breathe.

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