As an aside, my therapist said I should reach out to Catholic Charities and see if they could help me. The first woman I spoke with was kind, she listened to me, took down my information and noted the abuse I rattled off then said someone would get back to me. Her superior got back to me and said I was shit out of luck. I took this as her being misandrist with how abused men are disregarded and, tacitly, told to 'man-up' and take care of oneself instead of asking for help. I never felt more hopeless.

This is from yesterday's entry and it's another can of worms stemming from my own resentments.

On a niche social media site I was browsing people in my area and someone had a profile image that was the Greek letter psi. I clicked on their profile, their photos were mostly in meme format about healthy relationships and mental health, and one image was of particular interest for me because it was about the cycle of abuse. This individual also identified themselves as a psychiatrist. Or psychologist.

Despite the image creator's use of her/him, I felt the need to comment, "Women and children aren't the only victims of abuse."
They responded with, and I paraphrase because I blocked them and don't feel the need to unblock them, "That is true. I found it on a site for women and children who are abused, but most victims of abuse are women and children."

I blocked them there. Being angry or getting into an argument online wasn't going to accomplish anything.

Still I felt angry, and that response amounted to a "Well, akshully". Completely thoughtless and inconsiderate while tacitly diminishing my opinion.

They can go fuck themselves.

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