While wasting my life on Twitter last night R.Eta Koboldo, an Esperanto bot which tweets Esperanto proverbs, tweeted this:
Vundo pasas, vorto restas.

Translated: Wounds heal, words remain.

Another proverb to keep in mind: No mud, no lotus. In Esperanto:
Ne koto, ne lotuso.

Good things about Monday the 29th.

  • New earbuds arrived.
  • Mort by Terry Pratchett arrived.
  • A $22 refund from a previous dentist arrived in the mail today.
  • My landllord told me of an opportunity to make some extra cash as a manager over at a parkway gas station.
  • Spoke with my therapist on the phone about my recent challenges with depression and grief.
  • I am still employed.
  • Worked from home.

One bad thing happened today. @tobadzistsini on Twitter was permanently suspended. Most likely because of tweeting about the New York Times having interstitial tables between paragraphs begging for subscriptions. I said stop promulgating fear, uncertainty, and doubt and I'll consider subscribing. Then I included the Washington Post about how they're a billionaire's mouthpiece, always post opinion pieces about how billionaires are essential whereupon I compared billionaires to dragons resting atop their hoard of gold coins and the only thing one does with dragons is slay them, and finally suggesting Zillow should be nuked for participating in fucking up the housing market.

Do not mess in the affairs of dragons, ahlugalughuaglaghula and all that nonsense.

Sadly it means WTBZ 96.3 FM Asbury Park will probably stop tweeting and I'll make it my new personal Twitter account. C'est la vie.
The good outweighs the bad.

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