A few months ago I returned to Snapchat which had been superceded by Instagram and their stories feature. But Snapchat still seems to be lively and I figured I'd see what's going on there. When I checked for people to add and follow, I saw Edna LaMontagne Voegele was still in my "people you may know" and I clicked on her name. To my surprise there was a standing invitation to follow her, but I didn't accept considering how she told me to 'cease all contact'.

On Saturday morning I clicked 'accept', apparently she saw the notification but nothing more has happened nor does it seem like she blocked me. I uploaded a photo of my echeveria plant under the grow lights and later that evening I did a video of the 'hood at night.


I want to see if she looks at the photos.

Went down to see Leah in the early afternoon. She picked out a Christmas tree for where she lives, dropped $100 for something I used to get for about $50, then she made me breakfast for lunch. While I was there I discovered a woman messaged me on Fetlife. Funny thing is last week a woman messaged me on Fet, and I responded in kind, but they never wrote me back making me think they're a bot account. This is an interesting development. She's poly, pan, and apparently married.

My current music is Vince Guaraldi's cover of The Little Drummer Boy. Typically, since early November, the music has been Dinosaur Jr.'s cover of Just Like Heaven and sometimes Sublime's Santeria. It's time to go to Johnny Mac's, drink pineapple juice and maybe have a beer. I saw on Untappd they have a Christmas ale.

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