playing with a full deck

Today I am 52 in the late afternoon. Whoopee.

Sometime last week I had a dream and learned I was going to die on December 9th. The fact I'm writing this demonstrates don't believe everything you see in dreams. But there's a reason I'm writing this and it's not for attention-seeking purposes and to be soothed by friends.
On Friday I didn't eat and decided I was going to have a 'cheat day' and have my typical McDonald's meal consisting of the McNugget meal, no sauce, Coke with no ice, and two plain hamburgers.
First, when the order was handed to me the girl let it drop between me and the building. I reached down, nothing spilled out, and I took the food.
Second, they didn't give me the fucking hamburgers despite the lady taking orders putting it into the system.
Inside they tell me there are no hamburgers on the receipt and I demanded my money back. Out in the parking lot I threw the soda on the ground and went to the courthouse to do my job. When I got on the Parkway I thought to myself, "Huh. Maybe the universe conspired to keep me from eating the forbidden foods and I'm not gonna die today." After I gave my pound of flesh for eight hours I wound up going to Surf Taco in Brick and it was good. I forgot how big their burritos are, not to mention the side of waffle fries I received.

It seems I've gone ahead and made a new friend. We've been messaging each other since Saturday afternoon and I'm surprised and pleased. There's a gaming group meet-up in Matawan happening on Saturday and I hope to attend but my request to attend hasn't been accepted as of yet. If worst comes to worst, I might be their +1 and sneak in that way. It'd be nice to game again and see what the scene is like.

Another bit of good news is my dealer in Livingston confirmed that late Monday morning works for them in terms of being brought to get a replacement copy of their social security card.

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