feliĉan zamenfeston!

It's the birthday of L.L. Zamenhof who created the international auxiliary language known as Esperanto! That's why I'm going to write about Edna LaMontagne-Voegele.
A few years ago Edna sent me an email with the subject line, "cease all contact". I didn't read the email, just archived it, then filtered her email address from my email account. Turns out she cc'ed Leah who enquired what was going on. I shrugged. Still I respected the request because Edna asked me, not because I would "get in trouble" by having Edna talk to Leah about whatever.
Recently I reinstalled Snapchat on my phone and checked to see which of my contacts, new and old, are on the platform. As usual I saw there was Edna and I clicked her bitmoji out of curiosity. Turns out there was a friend request from her and goodness only knows how long ago it was sent to me. Took me a few days to decide if I would accept the request but I did accept. I figured maybe she's open for some communication so I put her on my Christmas card list. I sent her a card and wrote something bland about Merry Christmas and here's to a happier and prosperous 2023. I'm writing this on December 14th at 5:10 p.m. EST and I reckon she should've received the card by now since Pennsylvania is right next door to New Jersey, plus the fact her town is close to the border with New Jersey. There's been no response nor reaction yet, but I doubt there will be. What's important is that I took a chance.

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