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"You know a real friend? Someone you know will look after your cat after you are gone."
— William S. Burroughs

Groundhog Day

Sunday night was not a particularly good one, but getting up on Monday morning felt good. Work dumped some shitty jobs on me, one is still in progress and the other one is largely untouched, but I didn't feel like I failed for not finishing everything. For what it's worth, my employer doesn't expect me to finish every job every day. There's always going to be some jobs left over and that's expected. Plus it typically demonstrates the title searcher is doing something right. Hoping tomorrow will be a bit easier in the county.

I felt more confident, I felt like my own person rather than a dependent upon the opinions of others for the sake of my existence. I even seriously reconsidered something I was half-heartedly planning in the near future. Plus I reconsidered my participation in the support group down in May's Landing. May's Landing! 75 miles away, or 120 kilometers. One way! I mean, it's good to be around people but I don't know if I'm really fitting in with them. With the omicron surge being in full swing, future meetings have been cancelled nor has anything been said about virtual meetings. Thing is, I don't do virtual meetings less'n it's my Sunday D&D game. Now if my friend Sarah invites me over for the Super Bowl, like last year, I'd totally go because the food is good and so is the company but she's being super vigilant over omicron. On the gripping hand I am still ruminating over what went down between myself and Bloomfield, just not so much and less focused on myself being an asshole.

And by asshole, I mean failure.

Speaking of Bloomfield, Bloomfield wished me a happy Imbolc on Monday morning. I responded with happy Chinese new year.

Neptune's public works did a shitty job of plowing the streets. Weather's been resolutely cold to the point that I'm starting to feel it on a regular basis. Been parking in the driveway but I always feel like I'm going to get boxed in and not able to leave on-time. At least I'm assured my car won't have any damage while I'm not driving it. Plus I thought about going to the bar on Monday night to drink pineapple juice and write, but that'd mean coming back here and trying to find a usable parking space or parking in the driveway but having to be awakened to move my car so others can go to work.

Also being blocked in the driveway means I won't be going out and spending money, and that's a Good Thing™. Even if it's just ten bucks. I need to figure out how to make my living space into a space where I can concentrate, buckle down, and write rather than being distracted by phone and internet.

It's the year of the tiger, and it's amicable for dogs in Chinese astrology. I am hoping 2022 is better and prosperous for me.

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