Se vi malsovaĝigas min tiam ni bezonos unu la alian. Laŭ mi, vi unikiĝos en la tuta mondo. Laŭ vi, mi unikiĝos en la tuta mondo.

Part of me wanted to send that in a birthday card with a picture of the Little Prince and the fox, but I figured it'd be too intense.

I woke early on Thursday morning. I could hear birds singing as if it was spring, but when I threw open the curtains snow still covered the 'hood. Just wanted to sleep all day but I have to work.

Had a brief conversation with an associate about real estate transactions concerning tax sale certificates. I was wondering if I bought a tax sale certificate, received money from the homeowner, paid the municipality, and pocketed the rest, but if the homeowner defaulted then I'd wind up with property on my hands. Not so in the state of New Jersey, mostly because the market for tax sale certificates is really competitive. The example my associate gave me is large institutions see someone in the hole for $3,000, offer to pay the $3,000, but pay another $20,000 on top of that so the transaction has zero interest. He didn't understand how big financial institutions were making money and neither do I.

Work was slow, I worked slower, and I was still back by 2:30 p.m.. Fell asleep at my desk, realized it was nearly four, sent out my work and went to bed.

Woke up, cooked rice, warmed up my chicken, ate, and I'm not trying to ruminate upon failures. And failing.

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